Thursday, April 11, 2013

"+"black women dating white men

I found my husband

Are you a black woman who wants to dating white man? Are you a white man who wants to dating black woman? I am a black woman. I love white man.Dating a white man is my dream. Aslo Interracial Romance is my dream.

It is very dramatic that I know him. We have knowed each other, played together since childhood. However two years later he moved to another city. At that time he is 14 and I am 12. From then on, I have forgotten him and he disappeared from my memory.

At 19 years old,I escaped a sad love. I got my heart sad and felt so dispointed about love.I was also awared of that it was so hard to fall love with a hard working woman like me. I never believed love and men form then on. Just learn to be happy being single and independent.

I joined by a accidental chance. I never thought and tried it befor. I signed up a profile with my Yahoo account and without photo and finished my profile with 2 miniutes. I just want to change my mind and try something new. Then I logout and waiting my profile be approved. Ten days later, I checked  my yahoo emails, I received some welcome emails from blackwomenwhitemendating account manager. And I received some winks from the user on I felt so amazing when I receives a wink form a  user named whitemendatingblackwomen.At first I was totally surprised and didn’t remember setting up a profile on, but when I checked out his profile , I was interested in getting to know him. I relied a wink to him. At first time we did not know each other due to we did not upload any photos on our profiles.Day after day, I was used to login and want to see him was online. I loved to talk with him We emailed back and forth for nearly a week before we exchanged our photos. We recognized each other at the same time, I felt so excited and dramatic, I could not believe that was ture. But it was ture, that was him. We exchanged our phone number.  Although we could not meet at that time,he called me every day, we talk everything on the phone.He said he loved me and I kown I love him. I felt so happy.

One month later he came to new york to met me. I went to the airport to got him. He is so sexy and so hot. He kissed me. I felt so sweet. Although we were a bit shy around each other at first, we definitely clicked and decided to have lunch together the next day at a BBQ joint. After that, we were glued together at the hip. We feel in love.

I was already looking at wedding dresses by June 2009. We were both single/never married with no children.  I was definitely ready for marriage and he was unsure and a little shell shocked. We took things very slowly and 11 months after we met, we moved in together.

He is quiet, shy, and reserved when you first meet him, but he has a dry and wicked sense of humor. He is thoughtful, caring, considerate, loving, and affectionate. Most importantly, he makes me feel absolutely beautiful and calls me his “Little Ebony Goddess.” I feel so sexy and attractive in his arms and he treats me like the most desirable woman in the universe. I’m his queen and he makes sure I know it.

After nearly 14 months of dating, I asked him to marry me in January 2011. During a Leap Year, there is a tradition where a woman can ask a man to marry them. So I wrote a letter to tell him of my love and asking him to be my husband and he happily accepted.

We held a small wedding in new york ,Surrounded by a few close friends, we were married wore a wedding dress and green sneakers and had a road trip honeymoon.

When I was young, I wanted to date a white man, interracial dating is my dream. At this time, our future looks very bright. We are deliriously in love and spend most of our time together. Everyone hearts sings a song. At the touch of a lover, every becomes a poet. I know that there is a reason why everybody wants love so much.People have commented on happy we seem to be with each other and are delighted that we found each other. My experience on  was more wonderful that I expected. I met the man of my dreams on this website. He has become my husband, friend, lover, companion, and partner in crime. We absolutely love and adore each other and are each other’s biggest and most loyal supporters. Thank you  for   making our dreams come true.

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Thanks for your time to read my successful stories, I have found my ture love, I also hope evreyone can find their ture love. Good luck and congratuations to me.